What I’m reading right now…

SDC11928Well, actually, I recently finished St Hildegard’s Scivias. What an exhaustive read that was! St Hildegard’s Scivias is perhaps the most thorough dogmatic theological text written by a woman in the Middle Ages and perhaps is the only dogmatic theology written by a woman in the Middle Ages. Then I’m busy working my way through The City of God right now which is also exhausting but at least a man at my church is going to be joining me in that St Augustine’s book-club in a few weeks when he himself is done with school. In the meanwhile, I’m also working through Met Hilrion Alfeyev’s series on the Orthodox Church. That is volume II in that series sitting under War and Peace which is a book I’ve been intending to read for quite some time as well.

SDC11929I do intend to eventually get to volume III of Met Hilarion Alfeyev’s trilogy on the Orthodox Church as well. The first one explored the history and canonical structure of the Orthodox Church with quite esoteric knowledge on such modern schisms including the Macedonian Orthodox Church. The second volume is more on the dogmatic theology and my is it quite a read right now. The third explores iconography and architecture. Many great minds throughout the history of the Church have always understood that architecture is a critical and vital role to the worship setting of every church. Which is why so many mega-churches just suck nowadays!

SDC11930I’ve been told sometimes I must be extremely bored to be reading histories on the Popes of Rome. I guess I do suffer boredom to read endless history after endless history on the Roman Pontiffs but something always intrigues me about the history of the Papacy and the Catholic Church. The Duffy book will be one I have to finish but the Collins book is one I plan to start and finish. Despite the size, it appears that the Collins book might be a shorter read-through than the Duffy book. It’s quite important for the sake of legalisms to understand how the Papacy developed. Why a non-Catholic would want to know such?–beats me.

SDC11931The two Teresas are probably the most wonderful saints I have ever come across! I have read part of St Therese of Lisieux’s autobiography but was unable to finish it though I hope this Summer I’ll be able to finally get some quality time with the oh-so-lovable Little Flower! St Teresa of Avila is a wonderful guide to have in one’s journey toward spiritual perfection. I am currently loaning The Interior Castle to my dad because I found her insights so rich. Both these Teresas are quite lovable!

SDC11932Of course, my friend Isabella would want me to work through Heliotropium which is a book she herself loves and she would also want me to spend time with Humility of the Heart as well. And since I am an avid chess player, I figured I try and finish what I started of Paul Keres and Alex Kotov’s The Art of the Middle Game. This book, I blame, for being a book that greatly helped me to improve my chess playing skills last Summer and I have always regretted not finishing it. Well I am finally going to get around to finishing that book!


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