St Michael and his miracles

archangel-michael-conquering-the-devil-flickr-photo-sharingSo about a month and a half ago, I donated an icon to my church–a statue of St Michael the Archangel. We put it on the credence table. He is depicted crushing the Devil. A couple at my church volunteered to take it home with them and back to prevent thievery though St Michael would have his way with any thief by blessing them abundantly I’m certain.

Sunday, an announcement was made–St Michael had apparently been blessing this couple much with checks in the mail. Is it coincidental? Perhaps, perhaps not. I do not generally seek visions and advise against. God sometimes comes to us in a whisper. However, many miracles are in fact real and when such a miracle occurs, we must not reject it but rather accept it. St Michael of course, is a patron saint for grocers. Naturally, he is bound to bring blessings for any in need of household supplies.

St Michael also brought me much comfort when my own cousin died in a paratrooping accident. Being the patron saint of military personnel, he was once again the right one. In fact, I cannot imagine a time when St Michael has not been busy in my life–he seems to be just there in the right place. One reason I brought St Michael to my own parish as well–to bless the parish. I was talking with the man who happens to be a chemist as to how I have also a rosary holder of the Ever-Virgin holding a rosary and he was saying how there is much that exceeds science behind these icons. This is why the Church has recognized that icons ought to be venerated for the Godly power they contain within them. An icon is more than just a mere representation of the saint but as it is formed for its liturgical use, the Holy Spirit breathes upon it the life of the saint which it represents. So the soul of the¬†saint is not only very much present in the icon but the Holy Spirit which is in the life of the saint has moved the icon as well. Those who venerate the representation, venerate that which is behind the representation as well. God-become-man is, in this way, an icon as well. The body of Christ represents Christ and we worship it for we worship Christ when we do so. “If anyone does not confess that Christ our God can be represented in his humanity, let him be anathema. (anathema one concerning holy images in the Second Council of Nicaea)”

Well, when a saint brings someone blessings there’s only one thing to do. Spread the blessing around. I often times say that the saints are our friends (because they are). They are the Church Triumphant and they tend to the aid of those in the Church Militant who continue to fight. So we have decided that this icon of St Michael will in fact be transferred around all of us at the parish so long as it always makes it back to our credence table on Sundays. It may not bring everyone the same blessings but it always brings someone blessings because St Michael is getting ready to gore the Devil.


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