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Trust in the Godly City over the Earthly city

But the families which do not live by faith seek their peace in the earthly advantages of this life; while the families which live by faith look for those eternal blessings which are promised, and use as pilgrims such advantages … Continue reading

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Impassibility of God in the Cappadocians

Roger Olson has a new book coming out in 2017 where he contends for a Christian metaphysic that goes against classical Christian theism fighting with the Cappadocians (allegedly). There is a mega-problem so I am interested in how Dr Olson … Continue reading

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Marriage and widowhood–scriptural teachings

A while back, a friend of mine who is a widow pondered what the scriptures taught in regard to marriage. I had a rocky relationship with the scriptures when I first gave her the answer but I always wanted to … Continue reading

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true and false ecumenism

We live in the age of “ecumenical” movements. This is true. What many people think ecumenism is, is not often actually what it is. Ecumenism is about unity. That is, true ecumenism. What is unity? Unity is based on love. … Continue reading

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puzzle accomplishments

I am currently also working on a Revenge of the Sith puzzle in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. This was a puzzle that we worked on when we were in Durango. My younger sister’s boyfriend started it and I … Continue reading

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selling a religion?

One thing I have observed among different Christian denominations is how it seems they practically “sell” their religion to others. Among the tricks is what everyone also notes amongst those trying to sell a product. Very often times, one sees … Continue reading

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