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Vladimir Putin

As an Anglo-Catholic, the Russian Orthodox Church is in large agreement with us on the major theological and moral issues. That we have a strong leader like Putin is promising.

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A lesson in the holiness of orthodoxy

I often have troubles with my parents due to their liberal form of “Christianity”. It seems they tend not to understand the holiness of orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is a word coming from the Greek words orthos and doxas meaning “right glory”. When we … Continue reading

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Collect–14th Sunday after Trinity

I had trouble getting to sleep last night so I decided to do my morning prayer. In fact, I have been praying a lot lately. It’s very easy yet deadly to get caught up in all the political turmoil that’s … Continue reading

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Hillary’s latest tweet shows her cluelessness

If Trump doesn’t see all Americans or respect all Americans, how can he serve all Americans? #StrongerTogether — Hillary for Georgia (@HillaryForGA) August 27, 2016 At this point, I am beginning to think that Hillary is not just clueless … Continue reading

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Hillary’s attack ad on Trump for women’s day…

It's Women's Equality Day. Donald Trump can't say he treats women with respect — The Briefing (@TheBriefing2016) August 26, 2016 Well, there it is. There are significant problems with it as with all of the attack ads from both … Continue reading

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Why my vote ain’t going to Hellery Personally, I do not trust either candidate. That Hillary is corrupt and a Satanic monstrosity is obvious. That Trump is is less obvious. But can he even be trusted after having been a democrat so long? What I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Our Lady’s special privilege

Originally posted on Damsel of the Faith:
Damsel of the Faith here. Thank you all for your continued prayers.  Please keep them up for South Louisiana. In honor of Our Lady’s Assumption, whose glorious Solemnity and Feast has just recently passed,…

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