Why my vote ain’t going to Hellery


Personally, I do not trust either candidate. That Hillary is corrupt and a Satanic monstrosity is obvious. That Trump is is less obvious. But can he even be trusted after having been a democrat so long? What I’ve noticed about Hillary though, is she has centered this campaign in regard to abortion. Abortion has become the one issue that seemingly needs to “unite” us all and she claims to be pro-women. I have never bought into the idea that abortion is at all “pro-women” primarily because in fetal conception one starts as a girl. Basically, killing off the fetus in as early stage of pregnancy as possible is not “pro-feminism” but it is one of the greatest assaults on feminism out there. The problem is that the pseudo-feminists of today’s world prefer more themselves than the community. Thinking themselves an island, they sever themselves from the community. Mostly, modern day “feminist” thinking is hardly feminist at all but is largely individualistic. This is why we also see so many “schools” of “feminism”. That “feminists” are entirely individualistic as opposed to actual feminists is quite obvious when one considers critically. Many “feminists” I know generally show their incapacity to even think. I have witnessed this with much of Hellery’s statements as well.

She may use a lot of flowery Christian language in her speeches but it has not convinced me that what she stands for is at all Christian. Instead, I would advise Christians thinking of even electing her to consider in the late 1920’s another man who used flowery Christian language to win an election. This man would end up dead in 1945 after having been responsible for leading his nation into the slaughter of 11,000,000 people including 6,000,000 Jews. I don’t think even the most “leftist” of Christians is under the delusion that Adolf Hitler was serious about his Christianity. Hillary’s vision of a “progressive” nation is typical of “progressives” nowadays who have no value for human life and are willing to expend all of it simply so that they can gain popularity among those who will shake their heads and say yes.

If anything this election has taught us it is that democracy is the most Satanic form of government possible. Satan has always used the masses to convince those who don’t follow the masses of their inferiority which is why Satan revels in democracy. Democracy uses lies and rhetorics to dupe the masses because as soon as the masses are bathed into believing these lies, what the masses says goes. Democracy teaches heresy about Truth. Truth is a person–“I am the Way, the Life, and the Truth” (John 14:6)–but democracy says “truth is what the masses want” even if what they want are more Satanic lies they’ve been duped by their leaders into believing in. That democracy is demonic should be obvious to all.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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