Hillary’s latest tweet shows her cluelessness

At this point, I am beginning to think that Hillary is not just clueless but rather is willingly clueless. For starters, both the candidates are the most hated candidates in American history. Hillary hardly is seeing “all Americans” or “respecting all Americans” by making ignorant statements like these and I genuinely believe she is possessed at this point. She seems to have lost complete control over what freedom she used to have back when she was demonically infected. Now, she is simply just possessed.

In fact, in my last three posts as I have already pointed out, one of the issues that Clinton is trying to push at this point is for the legality of abortion in all circumstances which most Americans actually reject. But this also shows her clear hostility toward the majority of religions as well which sets herself against the first amendment already for freedom of religious opinion. The fact that Hillary is in precisely the 1/4 minority shows that she does not give much for the opinions of roughly 75% of Americans who hold this issue with great sensitivity including many Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Further, her stance in support of Planned Parenthood in general is something that is going to be frowned on by Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians alike as Planned Parenthood is pro-contraception which the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches are largely against. Am I wrong to state Hillary is possessed here? I don’t think so.

As of late, Trump currently actually holds a 1% lead in the general election over Hillary. This is a major swing since the beginning of this month. Perhaps the heavens are finally starting to breed their discontent over Hillary’s candidacy? I highly doubt that the heavens favor either candidate at this point but I know they will hear Rachel crying for her children in Ramah (Matt. 2:18).


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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