A lesson in the holiness of orthodoxy

I often have troubles with my parents due to their liberal form of “Christianity”. It seems they tend not to understand the holiness of orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is a word coming from the Greek words orthos and doxas meaning “right glory”. When we talk about the holiness of orthodoxy as the Church, we talk about it being centered on the Church’s prayer life. Nothing else. In fact, the purpose of my own starting this blog and rejecting all I’ve written on my old blog has precisely to do with the concept of prayer. Prayer is the essence of the theological. Prayer is at the heart of the Church. The mass is focused on prayer, the mass is focused on Christ. Prayer elevates ourselves to God’s will. We pray “thy will be done” to God. I have no qualms stating any one bereft of prayer can never truly be a theologian.

So religious discussions in my house usually end rather quickly. I’ve tended to adopting a new strategy–get off the first couple of volleys when these topics come up and run. The important thing to do is not to allow one infected by heresy of any level whatsoever is not to let them think that the Church would ever support such. So I mean, why talk orthodoxy? Why talk heresy? I have already mentioned numerous times before the Pauline concept of love. Love is a person we have relationship with. Love is a person we interact with and rejoice in. Love is Truth and Love is God. For my liberal parents, it seems easy for them to pick apart my own sins. It’s very easy. I keep a notebook of them. It’s constantly open to the current week I’m on. They see this and are often quick to judge and condemn or require me to love the way they approach love. In my own household, there seem to be many conflicts going on about some of these issues. I tend not to discuss and I end discussion rather quickly in an effort to at least show them I am not their son but a son of the Church.

They asked me today about certain political views of mine and whether it should be held necessary to kill. I believe in due process. I support the death penalty. Why this of course differs from allowing the fetus the right to life is quite different because when due process has been carried out accordingly, the one subject to the Law who is the same person as Truth has surrendered their rights as a human. In fact, in regard to the excommunication of heretics, the Church has made it very clear that heretics are not in fact anathematized by the Church but are rather anathematized by themselves. I’m not certain why my parents cannot simply let the Church be the Church. They have made up their minds already that they do not want the Church. They cannot though convince me to infect the Church with the toxins of their own heresies. The precise problem with heresy is that a mind dwelling on heresy is a mind dwelling in lies. How precisely can a mind dwelling in lies be “loving” while a mind rejoicing in Truth be closed to “love”? It is simply non-negotiable here and I feel a strong need to address this to my parents but frankly, it seems they would continue to de-Christianize me.

So for instance, when I called Hillary Clinton Satanic today, they of course compared me to ISIS. Yeah, people with concepts of right and wrong will be able to discern between Satanic and Christian. I have seen much evidence from Hillary’s own statements she makes on Twitter and the statements she makes regarding abortion that she is indeed Satanic. Well for my parents, abortion is an issue the Church ought to start re-thinking. That the issues dealt with are not clear at all. The thing is, God has made himself and his Truth known to us (Eph. 1:9). To suggest otherwise is heresy and Satan is the teacher of heretics. As Christians, we cannot have communion and have to be careful interacting with heretics lest their heresies infect us and our own community. The major thing is that God has revealed to the Church that abortion and sterilization of human beings is wrong (Humanae Vitae, 14). The issue as to whether Hillary is Satanic or not is far less of a polemic as it is as to whether or not she is an enemy of the Church or not. As I have been saying and will continue to stand by, to stand against the Church and Christ is always Satanic. Satan said, “I will ascend and be like the most high”. I know occultism well enough to know what things qualify as Satanic. I was in fact occultic. That Hillary’s policies concerning abortion classify her as an enemy of the Church is quite obvious. It isn’t obvious to my parents though because they are not members of the Church. They do not rejoice in Truth.

One such who believes and affirms the Virgin Birth as all Christians do, does not and cannot support abortion in all instances as Clinton does. One who supports abortion mocks the Virgin Birth, the Virgin, Christ himself, and is Satanic. I will not apologize for what I wrote about Hillary being demonically possessed or for calling her Satanic. To do so, for me, would be a grievous sin against my own God. If my parents cannot understand that, then so be it. But if they want to try to change me into their own image, let them know that I must view them as fulfilling the work, not of God but of the Devil.


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