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New Reuters/Ipsos poll has Clinton up 6% points But if you take a closer look at the poll, what you will find is tha1t Democrats represent 53% of this particular poll and Republicans represent 40% of this polls. Independents represent 15% of the poll. What is seen … Continue reading

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I’m converting to Islam?

An Eastern Orthodox friend of mine asked recently with reference to my usage of the term “Allah” if I was going Muslim on him. So I think I should just address that “Allah” is simply the Arabic term for God. … Continue reading

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Our pagan leaders

Just about every single leader of a nation is bound to be pagan nowadays. What do we do when we are forced to live under their reigns? It’s a difficult question. Our day and era is no different from the … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump winning in a landslide?

I’ve been having a constant debate with my father recently as to whether Clinton or Trump is winning/will win the presidential election this year. My bet is on Trump but he actually thinks Clinton will win in a landslide (a … Continue reading

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Cookie monster found dead

"The coroner has ruled this a suicide" #HillarysHitlist — Ariana Rowlands♛ (@IamQueenAri) September 7, 2016 Some of the details about this death–he was shot in the back of the head. He was due to testify about Clinton’s mysterious missing … Continue reading

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Nativity of Our Lady

Originally posted on Damsel of the Faith:
Here is a meditation for the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Fr. Francis Xavier Weinger, 1876.  Happy Birthday to Our Lady, the pure, holy, spotless and Immaculate Mother…

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#CrookedHillary–accepting money from fossil fuel industries!

You may have noticed I deleted my recent post about Trump’s duplicity. This is because I am actually becoming more and more convinced he is legitimate. Though this may be just my Tea Party stance from 4 years ago kicking … Continue reading

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