#CrookedHillary–accepting money from fossil fuel industries!

You may have noticed I deleted my recent post about Trump’s duplicity. This is because I am actually becoming more and more convinced he is legitimate. Though this may be just my Tea Party stance from 4 years ago kicking in in which I was a Ron Paul fan. Due to Mitt Romney and Barak Obama taking over the show, I didn’t end up voting since Ron Paul had no chance.

Trump’s campaign comes very strongly toward being similar in the movement to the Tea Party campaign. The Tea Party mixes elements of libertarian and republican values into it which makes it so diverse from the rest of the Republican movement despite being inward. Trump was the least popular GOP candidate. Further, Trump’s inward circles indicate that he plans to enact his policies. His VP candidate, Mike Pence, has opposed abortion policies, many of his inner circles are associated with what Clinton would deem “dictatorships” and what people with any clue of foreign news of being promoters of peace.

Lastly, I had made that last post out of a terribly misguided reaction directed by liberal media over Trump’s trip to Mexico and there were some things I needed to be fair to him on. Particularly, he and EPN did disagree on certain things but agreed on the main issues concerning the borders. Namely, Mexico, when the illegal immigrants come over, have not been sending their best. They had not been sending the good Latinos (the “you”) that Trump was addressing in that full quote which is actually more Latino positive (especially to the legal immigrants) than it was de-railing. When the illegals come, Mexico has been sending us their rapists, their drug dealers, etc. (The liberal campaign has made this into a smear by acting as if Trump called Mexicans rapists by saying Mexico hasn’t been sending us their best…they’re rapists, however, there is no transcript evidence that this is what Trump meant at all and his attitude toward Mexicans and Latinos overall suggests otherwise.)

Back to the main topic, Clinton is actually in fact crooked. Trump has been starting a trend on Twitter of #CrookedHillary that has been catching on as other media outlets are starting to make a case to tear down her campaign. Clinton’s been forced into hiding as of late perhaps knowing her polls would continue to drop as they did with Bernie who called her out for her corruptness. The only reason she’s still campaigning with any shot at all for President (disappearing on a daily basis though) is because she’s been avoiding the press. If the press got into her business, the Clintons would be brought down.

Clinton, today, released one of her pseudo-plans for Earthly stewardship today. Aimed at eliminating greenhouse gases by eliminating fossil fuels. It is a pseudo-plan because she has no intention of following up on it at all. She’s just another crooked U.S. politician. She will tell other countries they can’t have fossil fuels and her slaves that we’ll no doubt become as well in her envisioned police state that they cannot have fossil fuels and yet she will horde them to herself. Don’t believe me? She’s accepted monetary donations in her campaign from fossil fuel companies.

September introduces both the candidates into debate month. The main problem for Clinton is she is faced with a series of contradictions and is filled with crooked behaviors. This is where Trump was able to bury Ted Cruz. This is where Trump was able to hang Jeb Bush. Both of them for their corruptness. And neither of them had a clue what to do about Trump because Trump has not been actively involved in corruptness as of late. There’s really only two things one can count on Clinton to do–force tax-payers to fund her beloved Planned Parenthood and force people to give up their guns. I’m not a second amendment person to be fair and couldn’t care less about 2A rights but I’m certain some may want some guns if crookedness is still in charge of the Oval Office.

Clinton’s candidacy is an effort to gain more power. Power that she does not want to relinquish. The more I see of Trump in comparison to other nations’ policies, the less convinced I am that the racist accusations are going to hold up. The more convinced I am he intends to serve the nation, rather than be served.

This may be the Tea Party’s deceased revenge from 4 years ago. People weren’t ready for the Tea Party then because the media wasn’t as biased toward the left then. People are sick and tired of the left now and the Tea Party policies just won’t die.


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