I’m converting to Islam?

An Eastern Orthodox friend of mine asked recently with reference to my usage of the term “Allah” if I was going Muslim on him. So I think I should just address that “Allah” is simply the Arabic term for God. It is actually used by Arab-speaking Christians and Jews as well. The usage to refer to the one God is the same with exception of the Trinity.


Qur’anic evidence suggests that other Trinitarian Christians referred to God as “Allah” as well as those who refer to Allah as three.

As much as I respect Islam, I don’t think I would ever be able to convert to it for several reasons. It’s communal mysticism is important. I think it’s legal implementations are more humane than other westerners think. I think respecting other peoples’ religion is important. One may not agree with it but in a religion such as Islam and Christianity, there is a sense of orthodoxy. One cannot simply state to someone that the religious opinion needs to change. Love is patient, love is kind. Telling them their religious opinion needs to change is a violation of love and is a sin against Allah.

Contrary to popular belief, “conversion by the sword” is frowned on in both Islam and Christianity. What the two religions have agreed on historically is that one should not spread heresies or blasphemies to others. If so, then the sword has been used as punishment.

But regardless, much I cannot bring myself to agreeing with Islam on include the rejection of the Trinity, the rejection of the deity of Christ, and the rejection of the crucifixion of Christ. Also, the view that we are descendants of Ishmael as opposed to Isaac, the latter which is maintained in Christianity and Judaism.

More fruitful dialogue though is needed with Muslims rather than the rampant Islamophobia that takes place or the assumed position that all Muslims are terrorists. The terrorist Muslims actually stem from a Wahabbist heresy that is largely iconoclast in its approach.

But no, I am not converting to Islam nor do I have any intention to convert to Islam. Syriac and Arabic Christianity perhaps. I have given much thought to converting to the Maronite Church but due to the relative unfamiliarity in the place where I live, have not been able to do so.


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