My predicted electoral college map for 2016

This will be an outrageous one considering that a lot of polls seem to be suggesting quite the opposite of what my predicted electoral college map will look like.

Last month, it looked something like this.

This is because last month, I was primarily looking at the presidential poll trends and how they seemed to be teetering in this direction. However, I have since lost confidence in these poll trends. They generally show both candidates within the margin of error consistently and there is much that is uncertain such as whether the polls are being weighted accurately or not. Will we have more democrats or more republicans for instance?

I have since changed my position on this issue because the trends seem too difficult to measure by mere statements of who one is voting for.

This is primarily based on several factors that have come up as of late. For instance, Trump has seen endorsements from several police forces as well as even ICE.

Secondly, more and more polls consistently show that Americans do not agree with Clinton’s immigration policies as well as people who are disappointed with Obamacare as well. I have also mentioned as to how partial-birth abortion receives minimal support from Americans as well in other posts which I’ll reference in comments section if you ask.

With some of these indicators, I am beginning to wonder as to whether Trump is as big of a “loser” as some people are writing him off to be and have been writing him off to be. There is a lot of difficulties but what is seen in a lot of the polls is if Trump is not gaining on Clinton, both he and Clinton are in statistical ties throughout the different states. If it comes down to voter-enthusiasm, the latest Fox News poll shows Trump with the advantage. I would have further thought that the Republican withdrawals of support from Trump would be a strong indicator of sinking him officially but I’m not entirely certain. I think a lot of people would rather be disassociated from the establishment. Rather than produce negativity, it may produce an unprecedented victory.

Which is why this is my current electoral college map. Let me know what you think.


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2 Responses to My predicted electoral college map for 2016

  1. Well, he was quite closed to get it done. I hope he would achieve the result in your map in the next election!

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