St Thomas Aquinas on man’s transformation to divinity

with regard to the full participation of the Divinity, which is the true bliss of man and end of human life; and this is bestowed upon us by Christ’s humanity; for Augustine says in a sermon (xiii de Temp.): “God was made man, that man might be made God.” (ST, III, q. 1, a. 2)

Pope Leo says in a sermon on the Nativity (xxi): “Learn, O Christian, thy worth; and being made a partner of the Divine nature, refuse to return by evil deeds to your former worthlessness.” (ibid)

man is perfected in wisdom (which is his proper perfection, as he is rational) by participating [in] the Word of God, as the disciple is instructed by receiving the word of his master (ibid, q. 3, a. 8)

God is happiness by His Essence: for He is happy not by acquisition or participation of something else, but by His Essence. On the other hand, men are happy, as Boethius says (De Consol. iii), by participation; just as they are called “gods,” by participation. And this participation of happiness, in respect of which man is said to be happy, is something created. (ibid, I-II, q. 3, a. 1)

What always makes IB sad about our world these days is how God, the creator of all things, has created no evil for in the scholastic sense, evil is nothing, is rejected by most people in our world today. By rejecting our natural inclination toward God, we reject ourselves and descend to nothingness (evil). Or in the Boethian sense, we are called “animals” (Consolation of Philosophy, We’re rejecting perfection. God wants to lift us up to himself which is all-goodness and all-happiness and we choose to reject him. And this makes me sad too. But at least we are letting God lift us up to himself where our every single tear shall be wiped away soon enough in the meanwhile.


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