Donald Trump and the middle class

Trump is winning the middle class and could potentially win it by a landslide.

The difficulty is that the polls don’t tell the entire story. They don’t tell you which demographics are more likely to vote than others and they may actually be weighting demographics differently.

The middle class makes up roughly half our population.

The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground

It is losing ground but it still makes up the huge chunk of our population. It was the middle class who won Trump in the primaries and if they dominate on November 8, Trump will win the election.

I don’t think we will have a high women turn-out. Most of the women I know are uninterested in both candidates. I don’t think we’ll have a high Latino turn-out or a high black turn-out for that matter. Both of these are critical to push Clinton ahead. Both are doing horrible with millenials. I think there might very well be a much higher ratio of white, middle class men turning up to vote and that will win it for Trump.

I could be wrong but Clinton’s need for these people to show up in minority classes especially with women, blacks, and Latinos is critical.


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