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Person who voted for Donald J. Trump, you are welcome here…

Well my mother’s at it again with her SJW “sentimentality” nonsense. Some professor at Barrett at ASU put a bunch of letters writing “women, your voice matters”, “Latinos, you are welcome here”, etc. All of them mostly due to the … Continue reading

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“They’re bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists, and some…are good people.”

Well the U.S. media is always the number one culprit in denying reality. Apparently, this statement is a completely racist statement. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not racist if it’s 100% true! And thanks to … Continue reading

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When should POTUS-Elect deport Colin Kaepernick?

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U.S. media STILL won’t give Michigan to Trump! The counting of votes is officially done in Michigan yet the U.S. media still doesn’t want to declare that Trump has won it. So we’ll let the European media tell us what the final results are– Counting 100% Over: … Continue reading

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Bridge becomes a different game following U.S. presidential election

Diamonds have now been declared in this game to be the “President Elect” suit. Sometimes, President Electing can lead to wins when you are playing Bridge and you play the President Elect suit.

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Were the polls wrong? AKA, The Clinton-media cohorts can’t do math!

It is well known that the United States of America is not an actual democracy. We call it a democracy since we vote. However, a democracy is a “rule by the people”. That’d be more like “the angry mob” or … Continue reading

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forging a new political party from the shambles…

I am going to be forging the Catholic Monarchist Party in the midst of the shambles. The goal of which will be to promote Catholic Social Doctrine and promote the Catholic faith as well as the common good of mankind. … Continue reading

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