final electoral college map prediction of mine

November 8 is now one week a way so I am now releasing my final electoral college map prediction.

You can see it here.

Utah is gray and that is no mistake. I think it is very possible that the Independent candidate, Evan McMullin, could likely walk away with Utah which would be very interesting to see this happening but with Trump and Clinton being the most hated presidential candidates in U.S. history, it is likely that a candidate with as strong of a poise as Evan McMullin could walk away with Utah especially because of the high Mormon population there, he happens to be a Mormon, and since most Mormons are strongly conservative, he could end up winning it.

This is about the same electoral college votes as I gave Trump back in September. Maybe it’s less. I have been insisting on a Trump win for quite a while largely because polls generally outweigh democrats vs republicans. I imagine that Trump could actually find a way to win even more blue states. Even though I have left New Mexico blue, I imagine it won’t go over to Clinton without putting up a fight. It will depend on whether or not Johnson will end up taking more votes away from Clinton or not. Additionally, New Mexico could still fall to Johnson as well which would be even more remarkable considering that such would mean that two states would fall to third party candidates!


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2 Responses to final electoral college map prediction of mine

  1. Salvageable says:

    I created two possible electoral maps in which Utah was won by Evan McMullin and neither Clinton nor Trump received 270 electoral votes. One involved Trump winning Michigan; the other involved him carrying Nevada and Colorado. J.


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