U.S. media STILL won’t give Michigan to Trump!

The counting of votes is officially done in Michigan yet the U.S. media still doesn’t want to declare that Trump has won it.

So we’ll let the European media tell us what the final results are–

Counting 100% Over: Trump Gets 306 Electors, Media Refuses to Update Maps

The final results is that Donald Trump lost the popular vote by about 3/10 of a percentage but won the electoral college by a huge margin–306-232. However, U.S. MSM has been refusing for almost two days now to report this to us.

Didn’t Trump say that our media was dishonest? It tries to control how we ought to vote, it tries to back certain candidates *cough*Clinton*cough*, it tries to perjure other candidates, and it tries to present itself as the honest, not insulting people.

Here is Oblunder at his most un-insulting moment in the campaign trail for Clinton giving one of his most inspiring speeches condemning the insults of Donald Trump while totally not insulting Trump calling Trump a “loser”.
President Obama to Donald Trump: ‘You’re a Loser’

Thank you Oblunder for informing us how Donald Trump was a complete and total loser while pointing out that he shouldn’t insult people.

Now, let’s get back to draining the swamp in D.C. starting out with the hypocrisy the nation has been built on! Let’s take on the drug cartels at our borders, the gangs at our borders, the sex-trafficking at our borders, “they’re bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists, and some are good people” (that the U.S. MSM doesn’t want us to know this is astonishing to me, personally), smashing ISIS, and eliminating terrorism. We’re going to have a government who will no longer be funding terrorist organisations such as al-Nusra, such as ISIS, no longer permitting drug cartels, gangs, and sex-trafficking on our border to be permitted. This is really something that should make us feel good and yet the media wants to make certain that this narrative of Trump as an anti-Hispanic racist (because he addressed problems of crime-rates occurring along our borders are higher amongst Latinos which is a sad but true fact), and anti-Islamic bigot (because he also addressed the issue of Islamic terrorism that is taking place in our nation which is also an unfortunate fact).

I have known Muslims who are quite decent people. Terrorism does not define them. But Islamic often defines the terrorism that has been occurring. I know Hispanic people. Drug-trafficking, rape, other crimes, don’t define them. But Hispanic too sadly defines those activities when they go down at our borders. It’s time for us to come together as a nation and to knock it all out together.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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