“They’re bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists, and some…are good people.”

Well the U.S. media is always the number one culprit in denying reality. Apparently, this statement is a completely racist statement. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not racist if it’s 100% true! And thanks to wikipedia, we actually have some hard-core data! Just like saying all abortion clinic bombers are Christians is 100% true and therefore is not anti-Christian, the border situation where we have quite a number of Mexican-American gangs, drug cartels, and sex-traffickers going back and forth between our countries illegally is true. And we also have some good people who I have had the privilege of going down to Mexico and helping out who are simply caught in the mess.

Here’s the thing–the problem does not go away if we wish for the sake of political correctness to deny facts! If Christians had wished not to condemn the Christians who had been bombing abortion clinics, the number would not have been kept down. As evil as abortion is, it cannot be stopped by mere brute force but by constantly decrying it. Violence adds to violence, it does not subtract. Even in just war theories, violence is limited to a bare minimum from preventing violence to be added to violence.

So here’s a list of the Mexican and American drug cartels we have–
18th Street gang
Albanian Mafia
American Mafia
Aryan Brotherhood
Barrio Azteca
Black Guerilla Family**
Black Mafia Family**
Chaldean Mafia
Detroit Partnership
Gangster Disciples
Hell’s Angels
Highwaymen Motorcycle Club
Latin Kings (gang)*
Logan Heights Gang
Maniac Latin Disciples*
Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)***
Mexican Mafia (LA Eme)*
MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha)*
Mongols MC
Norteños 14*
Nuestra Familia*
Outlaws MC
Raza Unida*
Spanish Cobras***
Sureños 13*
Texas Syndicate*
The Devil’s Rejects (The People’s Syndicate)
Tango Blast*
Tri City Bombers
Vagos MC
Vice Lords**
Zoe Pound

*Mexican drug cartels
**African-American gangs/drug cartels
***Latino, not necessarily Mexican, gang

And those are just the ones in the U.S. Here are the ones originating with Mexico.
Gulf Cartel (spreads into Georgia and Texas)
Sinaloa Cartel (occupying Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Oregon, Florida, and North Carolina)
Tijuana Cartel (California)
Juarez Cartel (Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico)

And Al Jazeera has also commented on the human trafficking business by Mexican gangs. If it isn’t anti-Christian to call out the crimes committed by Christians (and to be perfectly honest, all of us Christians can and ought to agree to call these crimes committed by our fellows out as we ought to condemn sin on Sunday and preach that we must live a life following in righteousness), why is it considered racist to state facts and call out these Mexican drug cartels and gangs that occupy our borders? If Mexicans themselves cannot admit or report these problems to us even, what does this say about themselves? If the only man willing to call these things out is a white man even though these things exist, then what does this say about the ethics of Hispanics in our society? If Christians cannot call out abortion-clinic bombings, it would label us as among those who are murdering, I know that for fact. The good Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who Trump addresses at the end really ought to be helping us, not trying to dismiss the reality of his comment as racist. We know there are criminal white Americans (we almost elected one to be our next President!) so I think that we really should be willing to allow ourselves to see that there are problems at our borders by these Mexican-American cartels.


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2 Responses to “They’re bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists, and some…are good people.”

  1. Salvageable says:

    One hundred years ago, President Wilson called out the National Guard to keep Pancho Villa from raiding property in the United States during the Mexican Civil War. Those who do not remember the past…. J.

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