Person who voted for Donald J. Trump, you are welcome here…

Well my mother’s at it again with her SJW “sentimentality” nonsense.

Some professor at Barrett at ASU put a bunch of letters writing “women, your voice matters”, “Latinos, you are welcome here”, etc. All of them mostly due to the election.

Never mind that this so-called “women’s movement” that Clinton was supposed to be leading completely fell-flat in comparison to Obama’s performance against Romney. (plus 1 in margin increase, incidentally. So women effectively barred Clinton from the presidency). Oh, and, not to mention, Trump also outperformed Romney with the Latino vote.

Yet, despite all the evidence showing this was not some sort of white “beat-up-the-little-guys” election, SJW’s still are presenting these sob stories left-and-right as if everyone who voted for Trump is some-how the personification of evil itself.

Or, you know, as if they are some-how pro-Hitler (incidentally, I actually know an elderly gentleman who lives with actual nightmares from Nazi Germany whose family hated Hitler and experienced Nazi brutality first-hand and he even experienced the tensions in post-Nazi Germany and lives in terror from that and yet voted for allegedly, “literally Hitler”. Hmmm…. Also, these SJW’s who keep stating how Trump is this threat to people with disabilities, as someone with high-functioning autism who actually voted for Trump, I am simply going to tell the SJW’s first-hand, Trump is not the threat, YOU ARE!!!).

Until this SJW madness in our society goes away, I await the sign and letter that finally says, “person who voted for Trump, you are welcome”. Because until we just simply can accept that nearly half the people who voted this cycle picked Donald Trump, we’re just going to keep dividing and tearing our nation up. 62,000,000 people are evil and are pro-Hitler? That is simply nonsense. 4 years ago, conservatives accepted, without protest, Obama would be re-elected, 8 years ago, they accepted, without protest, Obama would be elected. Why cannot the Clinton supporters grow up, throw away these sob stories, burn them at the stake if necessary, stop protesting, and start living in reality? If I hear that I am ever against people with disabilities because I voted for Trump, I will be so offended. Will I protest? Will I sue? Will I hit? No. Doesn’t accomplish anything. I will though inform, that I happen to have high-functioning autism, there’s actually been a diagnosis from when I was 7, so if you think that I am against people with disabilities because I happened to vote for Trump and Clinton posted that one ad ad-nauseum, what you are telling me is I am against me?

I await for when the person who voted for Donald Trump will be allowed back into society even though he won.


About newenglandsun

A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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