Alternate History: Hillary Wins 2016–Becoming 46th President of United States

As an historian, I sometimes find alternative histories rather fascinating. So I decided to make an alternative history for how Hillary Clinton could have and would have become our 46th President in 2016. I believe that given the historic context of the scenario of the way it played out this year, Trump’s win was ultimately inevitable because Hillary’s policies were so unpopular (one cause of her loss that no one has ever accepted as of yet). So here is how Hillary would have won in 2016–

Romney beats Obama in 2012
This would not have been too difficult for Romney to do or for any one though the differences vary when it comes to the size of the victory compared to other candidates. All it really takes though is for Romney to stop emphasizing how he is a Mormon and focus his campaign entirely on the issues. We were living in a world then in which no one really cared and we still are living in a world in which no one really cared (this will come back to another scenario though soon) about one’s religion.

Barack Obama significantly under-performed in 2012 compared to 2008. The major problem was Romney was too focused on the fact that he was a Mormon. Obama had been getting significant blow-back from the people his first term in office which was significantly under-reported and significantly went undetected as well but the numbers were clear. He was only able to beat Romney in 2012 332-206 compared to his win against McCain which was a walloping 365-173. If Mitt Romney had only concentrated on the part of his Mormonism which would have been an issue (maybe stating he had one wife only?), he would have defeated Obama. It would have been close though. He had lost Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin of a total of about 500,000 votes. If those votes got flipped via Romney’s focus on issues, he would have gained 26 more votes to add his total bringing him to 232 electoral college votes. He lost Ohio by a narrow margin of 170,000 votes. Flip those votes and he gets another 18 electoral college votes bringing him back to 250. Florida was the closest percentage-wise but had he won that by flipping another approximately 170,000 votes, he would have been able to have reached 279 electoral college votes. He may have also been able to grab Virginia and Pennsylvania as well by flipping another 400,000 votes. That would have brought down Barack Obama’s totals by one and a half million in the popular vote and Romney’s totals being raised to a total of 62,434,407. Barack Obama still would have won the popular vote though as he would have had 64,418,507 votes but Romney would have carried the electoral college and the Presidency with a 312-236 victory over Obama. He would have become our 45th President on Jan. 20, 2013.

BUT…then would emerge Hillary Clinton from her retirement as the former Secretary of State. She would bring opposition to Romney and challenge him on his foreign policy not being an advocate against Putin but wanting to pull us in alignment with Putin. Opposing Romney’s foreign policies toward Russia, the media would take a seat back and let the pair fight each other hand-in-hand. Clinton’s e-mails would never have been investigated nor would there be problems if they were investigated because rather than referring to the Catholic Church as a medieval dictatorship, she would realise that these are the people’s views on things and pander to the people as usual. She would hold that under her breath though have clear secret intentions to fund Planned Parenthood any way. Hillary would be more popular than Romney because everyone would be fed up with Romney by now and she would end up sweeping the nation against Romney like this–

An electoral college victory of 323-215. Even winning 50.4% of the popular vote. Her Presidency would be filled with scandals, she would end up being impeached, and then resigning after the second year but she would end up the 46th President of the United States and the first female President.

Ron Paul–2013-2021
A scenario in which Ron Paul would win would be more complicated but had he won the primaries and been nominated he would have easily beaten Barack Obama. Had he continued the campaign as well as included rhetoric about Romney’s Mormonism leading to polygamy, as well as highlighting the Libertarian belief that Romney was the Grandfather of Obamacare, Ron Paul could have kept going for the delegates winning them easily against Rick Santorum. This would have led to a race between Ron Paul and President Barack Obama. Ron Paul would proceed to rip and trash the media as he sneaked over to read Russia Today and had been proclaimed not a scandal but a hero of the American public except for the most traditionally Democratic areas. But Ron Paul would have been more formidable an opponent than Romney would have been because of his political experience and also because of how he represented the areas that elected him as their congressman. His Libertarian ideas would have led Libertarians to support him as well and that he is not a hypocrite when it comes to his policies but the only Republican who acted to influence Republican policies in the Bush era from 2001-2007 when Republicans had a majority, he would have been able to champion Libertarians and Republicans throughout.

His anti-political ideologies would have won him the heart of a people disgruntled by Barack Obama and a career without scandal would not have led him to the trouble Trump got into. Leading him to win 73,556,302 votes compared to Obama receiving 61,407,602 with a total number of voters coming in at 135,743,919. He would win 54.2% of the popular vote as Obama drops to 45.2% of the popular vote. But he would also sweep through the states winning the electoral college by a whopping (and embarrassing for incumbent President Obama) 392-146!

Four years later, we would see the death of Justice Scalia and the re-emergence of Hillary Clinton. Supreme Court replacement already picked and appointed and sworn in by President Ron Paul, there would be no chance for Hillary even backed by Planned Parenthood to refute what is going to eventually become the law of the land that is against abortion. Hillary would be found a criminal by her e-mail scandal and by her stance against the then law of the land. It would be like a slave-owner running for President in the 1890’s! President Ron Paul would also have experience and the ability to calmly debunk Hillary Clinton’s policies as well as showing how he was able to stop ISIS as soon as it emerged in 2014 giving ISIS a two week reign only and a fierce blow-back against other Islamic Terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda. He would also be able to show how his cooperation with Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin from the beginning prevented what would have been a mass-refugee crisis that would have otherwise ended the European Union. He would have breezed by Hillar Clinton with a walloping 84,532,201 votes to her 60,909,242 votes with a total of 147,623,902 voters total! Winning with 57.3% of the popular vote compared to Secy. Clinton’s 41.2% of the popular vote and amassing an electoral college win of 430-108 winning everything except Clinton’s home states of Illinois and New York, the traditionally Democratic California, and Hawaii which just hates Republicans.

America would proceed down the prosperous economic and political track that President Ron Paul set it on and years later, he would be remembered as our most fantastic President ever who replaced our worst President ever.


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