Relax–the sky is not falling…

So I do a news-hunt these past few days and every one of these outlets is highlighting Trump’s new temporary ban which I have already mentioned before is entirely implemented to favor persecuted religious minorities. Not to mention, it also has received extremely unlikely support. Also, with so much focus on the protesters, the dramatic “oh noes! humanitarian moral panic!” click-baits, the misinformation about the ban, combined with the letters given in response by Evangelical Christian groups, and Chuck Shumer’s tears (yes, he actually “sniffed” the guy who called this ban “mean-spirited” but fully supported the attack on Libya by the Obomber administration), it seems as if nobody in America even supports this ban and they all hate the President. Not really. Most apparently support it–57%.

BUT…this is not the main point. The sky is not falling and liberals have gone so cuckoo that they’ve gone completely into “Chicken Little” mode. In this fantastic story which has two endings, we learn not to be a chicken and not believe everything we’re told, otherwise we’ll realise a) there was nothing to worry about and b) we’ll be eaten by our enemies. Our enemies want us to be divisive toward each other as President Trump begins his administration because it makes him so much more vulnerable. He ain’t. But the more chaos and panic is stirred, the more we become a ripe target for our enemies. This moral panic is doing this.

But relax–as long as we just tune out these hyperstatic liberals who are going cuckoo right now, we’ll be okay because tomorrow, this entire ban will not be in the news any more. Why? Because tomorrow, Pres. Trump is picking the Supreme Court nominee which the liberals will be even more hyperstatic about.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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