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Melania Trump introduces Trump rally with Pater Noster

This was just beautiful seeing this from Melania the other day. We live in a world where even “churches” have begun to throw this prayer out of their liturgies.¬†We see people tampering with the Pater Noster stating it is sexist … Continue reading

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The Soul of…Scot McKnight???

I’ll be honest, I am probably a huge critic of Dr. McKnight. Secretly, I hope he actually hears my criticisms of him and gets the point. But he’s an acedemically proclaimed New Testament Scholar and these days, theological schools have … Continue reading

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The Rebellion.

One of the things as of late seems to be this glorification of the concept of rebellion and the effects that the Star Wars movies had at their core a message of rebellion. And as of late, I see lots … Continue reading

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The Church Potent

My friend insanitybytes wrote a post on a book she is reading. In this post, she writes the following.. The church is actually not a building or an institution, it is us, we the people who follow Christ. Exactly! But … Continue reading

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Would Bernie Sanders have beaten Donald Trump?

I see liberals who are dismayed that Bernie Sanders was not allowed to run who think that “if only Bernie had run, he would have beaten Donald Trump!” My response is a face-palm. The problem is that Bernie Sanders is … Continue reading

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The post-truth age

There has been rather interesting points to make mostly on the amount of the outrage that has occurred at Donald Trump’s presidency. But what the outrage mostly shows is how a lot of the facts are neglected and no one … Continue reading

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Could John Kerry have become President in 2004 by winning Ohio?

The short answer is “no” but Dick Cheney may have been replaced by John Edwards. First, Kerry lost Ohio by about 140,000 votes. Let’s presume those votes end up flipped and Kerry wins that and Bush and Kerry win everything … Continue reading

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