Could John Kerry have become President in 2004 by winning Ohio?

The short answer is “no” but Dick Cheney may have been replaced by John Edwards.

First, Kerry lost Ohio by about 140,000 votes. Let’s presume those votes end up flipped and Kerry wins that and Bush and Kerry win everything else by what happened. Kerry ends up becoming the President-Elect in 2004 with a 270-268 win over Bush. The actual result gave Bush a 286-252 win. BUT…there was an elector in Minnesota who voted John Edwards as President AND Vice President meaning that the actual results were Bush 286, Kerry 251, Edwards 1. No elector defected from the VP picks.

So…should Kerry have won the slim victory with 48.4% of the popular vote to Bush’s 50.6% (after the numbers change with the 140,000 flop), Kerry would need to maintain all 270 electors. But that didn’t happen so the actual results would be…
Kerry 269
Bush 268
Edwards 1

Which means Kerry does not have an electoral college majority, now the House of Representatives which has Republican control decides. They vote Bush so Bush wins the now forever disputed election.

But it gets even worse–remember, no elector defected from Edwards as VP so…
this means that Edwards beat Cheney 270-268. Making him the Vice President. Bush-Cheney don’t win. Bush wins but Cheney loses. Kerry loses but Edwards wins.


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One Response to Could John Kerry have become President in 2004 by winning Ohio?

  1. I would like to issue an apology to my readers–
    Ohio was worth 20 votes back then due to U.S. census so yes, correction, Kerry would have won 270-266-1 in that scenario securing the Presidency.
    My bad. U.S. census changes electoral votes allotted every 10 years.


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