The post-truth age

There has been rather interesting points to make mostly on the amount of the outrage that has occurred at Donald Trump’s presidency. But what the outrage mostly shows is how a lot of the facts are neglected and no one really cares to consider other consequences.

For instance, the questions of qualifications toward Trump’s cabinet picks and beginning with Trump himself have been large. Our post-truth era trusts that politicians know much better and can handle these bigger jobs of running for President. Neglecting that the Presidency is a 24/7-on-the-job-task. It’s more than just simply governing. Hillary Clinton failed to even handle being the Secretary of State.

It is evident that the outrage has no basis in reality but is simple anti-Trump hysteria.

But far from this anti-Trump hysteria, there is something more concerning especially when you see the Christian outrage toward Trump’s moratorium. They neglect that the Church’s mission is an evangelical one, that >90% of these “refugees” are Sunni Muslims (not from persecuted religious minorities and not in reality refugees), and that the government is to instill fear in the wicked (Rom. 13). The U.S. is a secular government which must consider the safety of atheists, agnostics, Pagans, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. If we let in people such as the Tsarnaevs who want to kill us, our evangelical mission to these groups in our society dies.

This “post-truth” society is more than just a post-truth society. Jesus himself is the Truth. If Christians are more freaked out about a moratorium to keep a secular society safe than they are about a man who advocated and directed funds to abortion, our rage is not even based on Christian morality. It is a post-truth society, a post-Truth society, a society that has rejected Christ and continues to reject Christ.
Are we really going to have to see the Vatican with ISIS flags waving over it before we get the memo to go back to Christ?


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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