The Church Potent

My friend insanitybytes wrote a post on a book she is reading.

In this post, she writes the following..

The church is actually not a building or an institution, it is us, we the people who follow Christ.

Exactly! But it is a common misconception that the teachings of the Catholic Church reject this position. In fact, the Catechism states–

his is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic.” These four characteristics, inseparably linked with each other, indicate essential features of the Church and her mission. the Church does not possess them of herself; it is Christ who, through the Holy Spirit, makes his Church one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, and it is he who calls her to realize each of these qualities. (811)


However, one cannot charge with the sin of the separation those who at present are born into these communities [that resulted from such separation] and in them are brought up in the faith of Christ, and the Catholic Church accepts them with respect and affection as brothers …. All who have been justified by faith in Baptism are incorporated into Christ; they therefore have a right to be called Christians, and with good reason are accepted as brothers in the Lord by the children of the Catholic Church (818)

But there is one more thing about the Church…

In keeping with their vocations, the demands of the times and the various gifts of the Holy Spirit, the apostolate assumes the most varied forms. But charity, drawn from the Eucharist above all, is always “as it were, the soul of the whole apostolate (864)

The Church consists of those who are baptised into the name of our Lord (Rom. 6:1-4) and those who receive the body of Christ (1 Cor. 11:17-32).

The Church is ritualistic because it is a communion of people who gather together to receive the body of the Lord. It doesn’t matter where we gather (as long as it’s not at a stripper club, a casino, a bar, the White House, or a chess club), what matters is that we have gathered in a designated spot. It does not matter how far apart we are either for we all gather to receive the same body which we are. And baptism makes us part of that body.


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