Would Bernie Sanders have beaten Donald Trump?

I see liberals who are dismayed that Bernie Sanders was not allowed to run who think that “if only Bernie had run, he would have beaten Donald Trump!” My response is a face-palm.

The problem is that Bernie Sanders is a social justice warrior. We’ve never had a candidate as crazy as he is when it comes to his consistent liberal stances on issues. Secondly, he is a Socialist trying to operate in a predominantly capitalist society.

I decided to ask this question–would he have won? The answer is definitely no. For one, he lost states during the primaries that Hillary Clinton was able to beat Trump in.

Let’s also compare this to the states that Donald Trump won.

And further, Bernie Sanders also made the same position as Hillary Clinton in regard to the coal and oil companies (a huge reason why Trump won Pennsylvania and Michigan). Essentially, his stance on farming, coal, factory, and other industrial and agricultural agendas are the same as Hillary’s and it still did not let Hillary win these states.

But in many ways, there is worse semantic about Bernie Sanders. Being a socialist, he advocates on raising taxes on the rich, he’s against corporate elites, and he’s hardly even a Democrat. In fact, he was only a Democrat from 2015-2016 and most of his supporters weren’t even Democrat either. Being against corporate elites it’s presumable that the mass media in the U.S. would have been wanting to back him either meaning we may have probably seen a more fair and balanced election campaign focusing much more on issues.

I presume the electoral college map at first starts off like this–

And then maybe as more fills out, Trump could snag states such as Minnesota and Virginia…

Trump could maybe pull New Mexico if more Democratic voters break toward the Libertarian candidate than the Democratic one…

And then could potentially pick off Nevada and…New York.

I would vouch Trump wins the popular vote 48.1%-44.2%

The Democratic party is in need of a more economically inclusive message which is going to be difficult if the Democratic part fixates on social justice warrior antics and socialist policies. The main problem is they need to connect to the middle of America. Often times I’ve been labeled neo-con, far-right extremist, and Republican because of my support for Trump. The problem is that I define as more toward the middle of America. I’m actually politically Independent. And I define more as a libertarian or classical liberal.


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