North Korea–the Demonic Hell-pit of Earth…

Why do such nations as China and Russia choose not to involve themselves with North Korea’s problems? Why only the U.S. under the Trump-administration as of late? Shouldn’t the world be concerned with North Korea’s nuclear weapons? Shouldn’t that be all of our problems? Or perhaps North Korea’s problems are only its own?

Satan is a loser. He lost the battle at Calvary. In the Bl. Mary of Agreda’s work on The Mystical City of God, she recounts how in the events after the resurrection, Satan’s main mission has been in detracting souls from their Saviour. Blinding them to the Truth. Getting them to join in on the loss and not the victory. That is why we fight every day. North Korea is the current mission.

Declaring Kim Jong Un to be a “crazy fat kid” may seem humorous but considering that it not only originates from Sen. McCain’s mouth should give us pause. There may be less truth to that. Sen. McCain does not have a central control over as powerful a nation as North Korea that Kim Jong Un does. Kim Jong Un is in his 30’s and is becoming more and more powerful by the day. It is because attention is being focused on him.

Image result for north koreaBut Kim Jong Un is not a crazy man. He knows what he is doing. We don’t though. Kim Jong Un’s mission is simple–build North Korea into the Western pitfall. Kim Jong Un is a holder of hostages whose blood he demands if any one gets near them. He re-invents capital punishment into something that serves a mere entertainment purpose, he kills his own family, he kills his own people, he captures and sucks the life out of any and every soul who dares defy his Satanic mission which is to spread his immorality on the world. He seeks and craves attention. He seeks destruction.

Does he know the U.S. can blow him up? He knows that. But he has not transcended to the level of an aggressor. The aggressor starts the violence. Kim Jong Un is a notorious propaganda artist. He goes for the shock value in an effort to cause moral outrage and convince people that he is powerful. The only problem is that North Korea is a military state run by a single dictator. The dictator thrives on the military state. We could sincerely say the most accurate thing to state of Kim Jong Un’s blood-cult is that it is given over to the worship of demons. Kim Jong Un is indeed under the influence of demons. It may be demonic obsession but is may possibly that he is possessed. Whoever is controlling him is no man surely. It may even be a wilfull hand-over of his soul to the Demoniacal influence.

Regardless, North Korea is still a hot-bed for Demoniacal activity. They spread immorality by bringing others into their immorality. The battle against Kim Jong Un cannot be won by battleships and bombs. This will lead to destruction on our own end. We can only defeat him with prayer. Today, I prayed for peace in that area. And then…a miracle happened. Just at the height of tension, a ballistic missile test was launched…it failed.

Kim Jong Un will not be overthrown by human hands. The more we seep into North Korea’s demonic activity, the more we become North Korea’s demonic activity and we become their sins and theirs become ours.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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