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Unmarried, Widowed, Married

I get asked quite frequently about girlfriends, having them, children, etc. It’s all part of the culture we live in. We value sexual relations and amorous relations. Having one is a sign of your “high-ranking” in life. Not having one … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’s warning about libertarianism…

Well…this was incredulous at best. I’m not trying to attack the office of the Roman Pontiff for the said office is infallibleĀ but Pope Francis says a lot of things that are just dead wrong… Here is where I announce that … Continue reading

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Whatever the Pope says?

Papal infallibility is a hotly contested theological doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Especially now that Pope Francis is “in charge” as the Bishop of Rome and half the words he says that come out of his mouth are borderline … Continue reading

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