Calling on all Virginians here to make the smart decision and vote AGAINST Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam this year in Virginia’s gubernatorial election. Ralph Northam threatens to take away your guns thus subduing your freedoms. There has never been a legitimate argument as to how stricter gun laws have actually prevented the madness that 93 million Americans die each day from gun violence in the city of Chicago alone (sources: Gov. Terry McAuliffe on the statistic of 93 million and sarcasm on the Chicago thing based on the fact that Chicago has the highest rates of gun violence).

The 93 million American statistic alone should be enough reason to reject Ralph Northam’s bid for governor of Virginia. Primarily because the Democratic governor Ralph Northam serves is averse to facts (there are only 330 million Americans in the United States by the way) as well as the fact that Ralph Northam faithfully serves his overlord as the Lt. Gov. of Virginia.

Secondly, Ralph Northam believes that anti-Islamic rhetoric threatens Virginia! I have no idea what a more asinine comment at this time in our nation’s history could be made when one of the things affecting the entirety of the nation is a war with an ideology called radical Islamic terrorism! And anti-Islamic rhetoric is what threatens Virginians?!? Virginians, be warned about this psycho-path. If you elect him governor, your guns will be taken away, he’ll probably let in a mass-influx of Muslim refugees–do you understand that a good portion of those could be Islamists or potential Islamist recruits or even their children could be Islamists? Alexandria could be the next Boston. And you won’t have anything to defend yourself from this psycho-path or the other potential psycho-paths that could come into your nation.

Ralph Northam must be stopped at all costs–please share this with all Virginians in the blogosphere.


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A student. Male. Passionate. Easily offended. Child-like wonderer. Growing in faith, messing up daily.
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