Why isn’t this sport more watched?


Says the typical lecher about the subject of the sport known as beach handball. It is basically handball but played on a beach surface rather than on a court. The league that oversees the promotion of the sport is called the IHF (International Handball Federation). The list of rules can be found here. The game is played with the goal of outscoring your opponent. Some goals are worth two points and some goals are worth a single point. It’s not that handball is a bad game at all. But there is a key problem under-fire in the rule book.

Women players are required to wear a bikini uniform. This is especially problematic when you consider the amount of youth players in the game as well as the fact that the above article is actually referring to criticism against the IHF regarding the Youth Olympic Games. Youth players generally fall into categories such as U21, U20, U19, U18, etc. The criticism is that requiring female athletes to wear the bikini uniform is actually a form of sexual exploitation.

Hasn’t track and field been criticised for this? Or even beach volleyball? Yes–both sports have and yet they are still watched more regularly. Here, may be the reason why. Track and field does not require that a female athlete wear a particular uniform and beach volleyball also provides a list of alternative uniforms as well. The problem with beach handball is that requiring female athletes to wear the skimpy clothing calls into serious question as to whether or not the IHF is actually being sexually exploitative or not. It is not that a woman wearing a bikini poses a threat to one’s immorality but the problem is in requiring her to wear one. Maybe it is that wearing less provides more mobility and greater athleticism but should they actually be required to do this by rules of the game. For this, I think the IHF is receiving just criticism.

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