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Winter Break Reading…

My winter break is officially coming to an end and will end on Monday when I start school. When you’re unemployed because of an evil work-situation screwed you over, you get a lot of time to read… Here’s the fun … Continue reading

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Person who voted for Donald J. Trump, you are welcome here…

Well my mother’s at it again with her SJW “sentimentality” nonsense. Some professor at Barrett at ASU put a bunch of letters writing “women, your voice matters”, “Latinos, you are welcome here”, etc. All of them mostly due to the … Continue reading

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forging a new political party from the shambles…

I am going to be forging the Catholic Monarchist Party in the midst of the shambles. The goal of which will be to promote Catholic Social Doctrine and promote the Catholic faith as well as the common good of mankind. … Continue reading

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ASU liberal arts students are LAZY!!!!

Well, I realise I’m bashing myself here as well but it is true. I’m going to be honest. I could sleep through a good portion of some of my classes and honest to goodness, still scrape away with a 3.64 … Continue reading

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the delusional la-la land of Hillary Clinton…

The many, many lies Mike Pence told at last night's debate. “Unclear if the Trump campaign is aware the internet exists.” Wow…what a statement… I suppose my response is “unclear if the Clinton campaign is aware that not everything on … Continue reading

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Sjr: See Jane Run

Sjr: See Jane Run, by Legacy Reims is a book I had been meaning ever since I had run into Ms Reims in the blogosphere a while back. Her real name is no secret. Her real name is Lissette Reina … Continue reading

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I’m converting to Islam?

An Eastern Orthodox friend of mine asked recently with reference to my usage of the term “Allah” if I was going Muslim on him. So I think I should just address that “Allah” is simply the Arabic term for God. … Continue reading

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