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One bad night for abortion and one good night for America

The results of the midterm elections for the United States are still coming in and it looks like that McSally will eventually defeat Sinema, Scott will win his recount against Nelson, and Hyde-Smith will win her special election run-off which … Continue reading

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Finding the early church… (pt. 2–the ecclesiastical structure)

Not much is known for certain about the ecclesiastical structure of the early Church. It is argued by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches that the apostles had initially chosen from among the early church men endowed with authority from the … Continue reading

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Finding the early church… (pt. 1–the Apostles)

The “Apostles” are more specifically referred to as “The Twelve”. When Jesus starts his ministry, he appoints Peter, James and John the sons of Zebedee, Andrew, Phillip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, and … Continue reading

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There subsists a lot of frustration in recent years from numerous progressive “Evangelicals” in that the term has either become equivalent to that of Fundamentalism, or Fundamentalists use it so much and frequently that the “progressives” seem “left out”. The … Continue reading

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Whatever the Pope says?

Papal infallibility is a hotly contested theological doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Especially now that Pope Francis is “in charge” as the Bishop of Rome and half the words he says that come out of his mouth are borderline … Continue reading

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Spiritual Scoping…

Many of these things, but more especially the apparitions of devils and Angels, which are related by other persons who have had visions of the Passion of Jesus Christ, are fragments of symbolical interior perceptions of this species, which vary … Continue reading

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Bl Mary of Agreday–Mystica Ciudad de Dios

The work of the Bl Mary of Agreda’s┬áMystica Ciudad de Dios or┬áThe Mystical City of God in English is a detailed history of the life of the Virgin Mary as it develops in the Gospel and then as it is … Continue reading

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