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The Rebellion.

One of the things as of late seems to be this glorification of the concept of rebellion and the effects that the Star Wars movies had at their core a message of rebellion. And as of late, I see lots … Continue reading

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Would Bernie Sanders have beaten Donald Trump?

I see liberals who are dismayed that Bernie Sanders was not allowed to run who think that “if only Bernie had run, he would have beaten Donald Trump!” My response is a face-palm. The problem is that Bernie Sanders is … Continue reading

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The post-truth age

There has been rather interesting points to make mostly on the amount of the outrage that has occurred at Donald Trump’s presidency. But what the outrage mostly shows is how a lot of the facts are neglected and no one … Continue reading

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Relax–the sky is not falling…

So I do a news-hunt these past few days and every one of these outlets is highlighting Trump’s new temporary ban which I have already mentioned before is entirely implemented to favor persecuted religious minorities. Not to mention, it also … Continue reading

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DailyMail flunks U.S. legal theory Earlier this week, Pres. Trump signed an executive order regarding Muslim dominated nations to temporarily ban “refugees” from these nations and to sort out the mess that’s become of our American immigration system and to repair it so that … Continue reading

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Alternate History: Hillary Wins 2016–Becoming 46th President of United States

As an historian, I sometimes find alternative histories rather fascinating. So I decided to make an alternative history for how Hillary Clinton could have and would have become our 46th President in 2016. I believe that given the historic context … Continue reading

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Apostolic Succession–a doctrine rooted in history…

Going back to a particular conversation I had with an NT scholar recently, one thing he asked in his adamant denial and objection to Apostolic Succession is whether the Church is served by dogma with no historic foundation. I would … Continue reading

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