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St Thomas Aquinas on man’s transformation to divinity

with regard to the full participation of the Divinity, which is the true bliss of man and end of human life; and this is bestowed upon us by Christ’s humanity; for Augustine says in a sermon (xiii de Temp.): “God … Continue reading

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Sjr: See Jane Run

Sjr: See Jane Run, by Legacy Reims is a book I had been meaning ever since I had run into Ms Reims in the blogosphere a while back. Her real name is no secret. Her real name is Lissette Reina … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump winning in a landslide?

I’ve been having a constant debate with my father recently as to whether Clinton or Trump is winning/will win the presidential election this year. My bet is on Trump but he actually thinks Clinton will win in a landslide (a … Continue reading

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Can I get a barf bag, please? Watch the lecture–Hillary’s opponent says “American exceptionalism is an insult to the rest of the world”. Then she brings Vladimir Putin’s comments of which Trump agrees with into the situation. Putin, oddly enough, shares much of the world’s opinions … Continue reading

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