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North Korea–the Demonic Hell-pit of Earth…

Why do such nations as China and Russia choose not to involve themselves with North Korea’s problems? Why only the U.S. under the Trump-administration as of late? Shouldn’t the world be concerned with North Korea’s nuclear weapons? Shouldn’t that be … Continue reading

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The religious left…

There is a major problem growing in this world right now. I see for instance all over “Christian” bloggers such as Scott McKnight, Pete Enns, and even another one I follow–Fr. Jonathan, an Episcopal priest. There is a dominant problem … Continue reading

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Winter Break Reading…

My winter break is officially coming to an end and will end on Monday when I start school. When you’re unemployed because of an evil work-situation screwed you over, you get a lot of time to read… Here’s the fun … Continue reading

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Who is Mary the mother of?

Well, Christmas is coming up. Christmas is the day we Christians celebrate the incarnate God. St Nicholas’s glory was on Dec. 6, though.┬áBut St Nicholas also showcases quite well what the Christian attitude regarding Christmas is. He is highly noted … Continue reading

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When all of your other efforts fail…

…blame it on Russian hackers. Let’s go through– Stating that Trump was unfit and unqualified to be President…FAILED Stating that Trump was bigoted, racist, misogynist…FAILED Aligning the media with Clinton because Trump was becoming big…FAILED Propping Clinton up when … Continue reading

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“They’re bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists, and some…are good people.”

Well the U.S. media is always the number one culprit in denying reality. Apparently, this statement is a completely racist statement. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not racist if it’s 100% true! And thanks to … Continue reading

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When should POTUS-Elect deport Colin Kaepernick?

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