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Why isn’t this sport more watched? Says the typical lecher about the subject of the sport known as beach handball. It is basically handball but played on a beach surface rather than on a court. The league that oversees the promotion of the sport is … Continue reading

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The political religion of the Christian left refuted…

It sickens me to see these “progressive Christians” abusing Christianity and the Bible completely beyond recognition when it comes to building a political philosophy. There is a political philosophy within the Bible. It is neither inherently Republican nor Democrat. Rather, … Continue reading

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Alternate History: Hillary Wins 2016–Becoming 46th President of United States

As an historian, I sometimes find alternative histories rather fascinating. So I decided to make an alternative history for how Hillary Clinton could have and would have become our 46th President in 2016. I believe that given the historic context … Continue reading

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Winter Break Reading…

My winter break is officially coming to an end and will end on Monday when I start school. When you’re unemployed because of an evil work-situation screwed you over, you get a lot of time to read… Here’s the fun … Continue reading

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Bridge becomes a different game following U.S. presidential election

Diamonds have now been declared in this game to be the “President Elect” suit. Sometimes, President Electing can lead to wins when you are playing Bridge and you play the President Elect suit.

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Is Donald Trump winning in a landslide?

I’ve been having a constant debate with my father recently as to whether Clinton or Trump is winning/will win the presidential election this year. My bet is on Trump but he actually thinks Clinton will win in a landslide (a … Continue reading

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Cookie monster found dead

"The coroner has ruled this a suicide" #HillarysHitlist — Ariana Rowlandsâ™› (@IamQueenAri) September 7, 2016 Some of the details about this death–he was shot in the back of the head. He was due to testify about Clinton’s mysterious missing … Continue reading

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