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brief defense of the death penalty

My case for the death penalty here only seeks to defend it in completely and totally extreme circumstances. At a rationalistic level, when one has to face the fact that human nature is fallen, the death penalty very rarely ought … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and the middle class

Trump is winning the middle class and could potentially win it by a landslide. The difficulty is that the polls don’t tell the entire story. They don’t tell you which demographics are more likely to vote than others and … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas on man’s transformation to divinity

with regard to the full participation of the Divinity, which is the true bliss of man and end of human life; and this is bestowed upon us by Christ’s humanity; for Augustine says in a sermon (xiii de Temp.): “God … Continue reading

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the delusional la-la land of Hillary Clinton…

The many, many lies Mike Pence told at last night's debate. “Unclear if the Trump campaign is aware the internet exists.” Wow…what a statement… I suppose my response is “unclear if the Clinton campaign is aware that not everything on … Continue reading

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You can vote for knight takes, pawn takes, or Pat Buchanan!

Man, no one votes for Pat Buchanan.

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My predicted electoral college map for 2016

This will be an outrageous one considering that a lot of polls seem to be suggesting quite the opposite of what my predicted electoral college map will look like. Last month, it looked something like this. This is because last … Continue reading

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Sjr: See Jane Run

Sjr: See Jane Run, by Legacy Reims is a book I had been meaning ever since I had run into Ms Reims in the blogosphere a while back. Her real name is no secret. Her real name is Lissette Reina … Continue reading

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